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Is your bike in need of attention, making annoying noise, been sitting too long and ready for a tune-up? Do you have your own new or used components that you need installed or upgraded?

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Our classes are designed for beginners with no mechanical experience or an in-depth comprehensive foundation for the intermediate mechanic looking to up their game.

Shifting & Gearing

For many mountain bikers and other cyclist, their drivetrain (shifters/chain/derailleurs/cables) is the most common trouble spots on their rig making for a frustrating ride.

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Adjusting Your Rear Derailleur

There are many times when your drivetrain will start making weird noises or just not shift as smooth as you would like. There are many factors involved that will cause this to happen. With how tight the tolerances are in 9, 10 and even 11 speed drivetrains, it doesn’t take much to cause shifting issues. Extreme changes in temperature, cable stretch, dirt, water, etc. all play a role. So knowing how to quickly adjust for that, especially on the trail, can mean the difference between an awesome ride or a very frustrating one.

Replacing Your Chain

Replacing your chain does not have to be difficult. There are many videos talking about the math to get the correct length – and they can be rather confusing. In this short 3 minutes, I show you how to get the correct length every time! Note: I am using a SRAM Chain with a split master link (KMC is the same) – everything is the same for a Shimano Chain , except the master link, which you use the chain tool to push in the master “pin” into the link.

Going Tubeless

Your first bicycle probably had inner tubes. Most of us start off life bouncing around happily on tires filled with black rubber balloons. Mom or Dad had to inflate them every spring, patch or replace them any time we rode over a nail or thorn, but for the most part, they got the job done for trips around the neighborhood. This video shows you how easy it actually is to go tubeless with Stans NoTubes Conversion.